Enrique Bascón Is The First Artist In Mexico To Launch His Art Gallery In The Metaverse With NFTs

NFTs are changing the lives of artists all over the world. In San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, artist Enrique Bascón, who is one of Mexico’s most sought after artists, is spearheading the transition to Web 3.0. We find Enrique’s beautiful art gallery along the cobblestone streets of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, just a short 20 minutes from the world famous El Arco in Cabo San Lucas. Although he has this amazing space for art collectors to tour, he is merging the world of digital and physical art. This has allowed Enrique to better connect his physical works with impossible-to-pirate digital versions, offering creators more control, on a worldwide stage. In turn leading to greater potential for converting these high demand pieces of art into a true career. Enrique was presented with the opportunity to transition his physical art gallery into the metaverse, capitalized on the opportunity, and became the first artist in Mexico with a physical business/art gallery to onboard to Web 3. He did this by tokenizing his next series of physical art into LUV NFTs.

So what does all of this mean for other artists wanting to join the Metaverse? In short, NFTs provide users with verifiable ownership of items such as videos, images, music, and more. They are powered by blockchain technology, a database that records data in blocks and then chains them together, making it difficult to be altered.

The perks of linking physical art to LUV NFTs

The number one perk of linking physical artworks to non-fungible tokens is that sellers and buyers can easily prove the art is a one of a kind, one of one, that will forever live on the blockchain. Not to mention, linking physical art to NFTs cuts out the middleman, so the artists can deal directly with the buyer, and enjoy the full profit of their work. By selling physical art as an NFT, it allows the world to access the value of art by supply and demand. Prior to Web 3 technology this was impossible. Art connoisseurs have a new level of what the crypto world calls, “social flexing” with a LUV NFT Art attached to a physical painting. The only way to prove ownership of NFT Art is by providing someone with a crypto wallet address that stores the NFT. Attaching NFT Art to a physical painting ads a new verification method for an art lover in the Web 3 space. Whether for valuation or resale, blockchain technology offers a clear advantage for all physical artists concerned about legal ownership of their works of art. LUV NFT Market is empowering artists around the world by creating an NFT blueprint to add value to their Web 2 businesses by onboarding brands into their “Purpose over Profit” Platform that enables artist to earn their true worth on a worldwide blockchain platform.

Seeing the bigger NFT picture

Enrique Bascón, as a true visionary, created a multitude of new historic milestones for artists and for Mexico. By launching his physical art gallery into the LUV Metaverse and by being the first NFT Store in Mexico, he will forever be implanted in blockchain and Mexican History. He is the first Artist in Mexico to connect his NFT Art to a physical piece of art and in turn will give it away for free to the winner of his NFT Auction set to launch May 2022.

To add, Enrique is the first artist in the world to host a virtual private live streaming unveiling event of his first physical piece that will be converted to a Video LUV NFT. This historic art event will only be seen by the NFT Ticket holders that will have exclusive access rights to his private Discord Channel. This event will be hosted on LUV NFT’s streaming NFTV Marketplace to the 50 NFT Ticket holders in Enrique’s Discord Room in the LUV NFT Market Discord. This private VIP channel will host all of the upcoming physical paintings in the form of a LUV NFT. In partnership with LUV NFT Market, which is the first dCommerce platform created as a pandemic relief solution for small businesses around the world, Enrique is raising the bar for artists around the world by giving his physical art away for free to the winner of his NFT Art Auction in May 2022.

Prior to the auctioning of Enrique’s NFT Art he will also allow potential buyers to own the exclusive first look video in the form of a Video LUV NFT. The private stream will then be converted into a LUV NFT for sale immediately following the event to the 50 onlookers in the Discord room. This “coming soon” movie like trailer NFT drop on a live-streaming platform, has never been done before in Web 3.

“What unites us, what take us from one place to another, is energy. An inner energy that is a constant and defines us, and that must be protected, that takes us anywhere we want to go. We have that power, we all have it and we must seek it our entire life.” -Enrique Bascón

Enrique’s Backstory

Having a life in Spain, a life for which he fought tooth and nail, a life that he had chosen, and that was beginning to tire him out. Trusting in that energy, he completely changed course to dedicate himself to art; it wasn’t his passion, his passion is passion itself, and it changes, it changes all the time. He loves his life, and he is one hundred percent responsible for where he is because he has the balls to choose every day. Enrique’s life is now perfect according to him.

That energy made Enrique a perfectionist, who lives by the motto “If you have to do something, do your best.” That energy is what tricked him to initially look for approval in one moment, but then came to realize that approval is a limitation. This led to Enrique not needing the approval of others, to do what he had to do, and to do his business. His goal is personal, always trying to reach a further point, that is why he opened his own gallery, and he created a successful business in Mexico.

When Enrique was receptive to converting his beautiful physical art into NFTs he was presented with the opportunity by the married co-creators of LUV NFT Hahz & Dr. Candy Terry over a year ago after they visited his art gallery during the local Thursday, San Jose del Cabo event called Art Walk. He was given the opportunity to go further, and embrace the future, to create something unique, to be a visionary among visionaries. Enrique was inspired to create a foro, with the help of The Wizard of Hahz, to sell the NFT attached to his world acclaimed one of a kind pieces.

“I am interested in social, in politics, everything is political in the human being, except for sex, sometimes. A human being is a very dangerous animal, full of shit. We all smell like shit once in a while, but we have the possibility to be better, and I personally believe in a better future. I paint women, I paint the beauty, the strength, the personality, and I erase their sins with my paint brushes. I represent the universe in their faces, the stars, the infinite. This idea is not mine, I only twisted it to my interest. I owe the idea to a very small group of people in the mountains, in Nayarit, Mexico, “Los Borrados”, they perform for three days and nights to clean their souls, dancing like sexual demons. I like the idea of sexual demons.” -Enrique Bascón

Stay tuned for more information about Enrique’s foro NFT drop.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” -David Bowie

Follow Enrique @enriquebascon on Instagram to follow his Web 3 journey.




LUV NFT (Non-Fungible Tokenopoly) recreated Monopoly with LUV NFT Estate (LNE) properties and 5D LUVR avatars called LNElords. “IN LUV WE TRUST” ✨💜

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LUV NFT (Non-Fungible Tokenopoly) recreated Monopoly with LUV NFT Estate (LNE) properties and 5D LUVR avatars called LNElords. “IN LUV WE TRUST” ✨💜

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