Forget gift cards. Give someone a crypto LUV NFT digital asset for the holidays this year

We now have the option to give someone a depreciating gift or one that appreciates over time. Instead of giving someone cash, an ugly sweater or a gift card for Christmas this year, how about an LUV NFT? Who wouldn’t appreciate some LUV during the holidays.

It’s unique. It’s trending. Its an NFT.

An LUV NFT. “No shipping, no middleman and it’s a gift that keeps on giving value wise. It doesn’t matter if the receiver understands it, they will understand in due time and thank you in 5 years. Imagine being gifted with a Bitcoin 10 years ago.” — Wizard of Hahz

Hahz, who created LUV NFT project with his wife Dr. Candy who holds a PhD in Metaphysics, the world’s perception has changed since the pandemic. Digital assets are the new worth status symbols that you can showcase on social media.

NFT is the word of the year. People this year have been hype for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are pieces of digital assets minted on the blockchain. The market is set to hit a record $17.7 billion by the end of 2021, boosted by mega sales of items like Beeple’s $69 million sale of “Everdays” and metaverse hype.

So how does one gift an LUV NFT?

For one, be prepared to spend a minimum of $50–200 on your gift. Just because the Spread LUV NFT itself is $15 on LUV NFT, with no gas fees. Also you can purchase 5D LUVR avatar perfect for any age is available for 1 $SOL ($196 USD) 12/12 on

Once you’ve zeroed in on what LUV NFT that you want, the easiest way to buy an LUV NFT is with a Solana wallet, which can be set up with an app like Top up your Solana wallet at any popular crypto exchanges like or Coinbase. You’ll have to purchase some Solana on an exchange and then send the crypto to your Phantom wallet.

If the recipient doesn’t have their own Solana wallet for you to transfer the LUV NFT to or isn’t well-versed in NFTs, you can set up the Solana wallet for them and transfer the LUV NFT and provide them with the details after you’ve sent the LUV NFT to their Phantom wallet for them.

The biggest public misconception with NFTs is that NFTs aren’t the coolest forms of money in history. When the NFT newbie “unwraps” the Xmas gift, take a simple approach to explaining what it is, Hahz said. You can say, “This is for you; you own 100% of it, and if you ever decide to sell it for a higher price, you can. “

LUV NFTs are the greatest form of gifts. LUV NFT products will be linked to real world products. Customers won’t see value in the physical product that depreciates, the physical products will be given away for free once they purchase a LUV NFT the digital asset.

Mint a LUV NFT today at

Follow us on all socials @luvnft and join our Discord to start playing our dCommerce game.




A Solana blockchain pandemic relief dCommerce social media metaverse P2D (Play to donate) game.

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A Solana blockchain pandemic relief dCommerce social media metaverse P2D (Play to donate) game.

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