Host Your Next Tokenized Event In Web5, Pay Attendees in Bitcoin For Their Time

9 min readMay 7, 2024

LUV NFT launched the first live tokenized TV network called BET (Bitcoin Entertainment TV) that allows premium Discord subscribers to earn and learn how the tokenized for purpose business economy works for them with zero blockchain knowledge. Every month a Web5 subscriber earns Love money ($LUV L$VE $RNT) for continuing their Web5 journey of finding their higher purpose in life doing what they love for a living earning Love Money and networking with like hearts around the world IRL and in the LUV Metaverse.

Web5 is great for creating not just your own LUV NFT galleries linked to tokenized business services or products, but also hosting a wide variety of curated events with a purpose powered by Love Money. With technical limitations in mind, I’ve mapped out some helpful in tips in thinking outside the box when planning your next experience!


Attendees pay hundreds of dollars to attend an event with the middleman ticket exchange, host and promoters only getting paid.

Any one with a Web5 LUV NFT ID gets in a Dvent [IRL, Discord or LUV Metaverse] event for free.

Everyone else can pay less than $20 USD to have the ability to flip a Dvent LUV NFT ticket for more than they paid in a branded Dvent Discord channel. The hosts earn royalties on all secondary sales from attendees promoting the Dvent.

Time is Money

With the attention span of humanity getting shorter, interactive events aim to facilitate learning and reward attendees with Love Money for paying attention to the event and time.

Paying Attention

To ensure everyone is paying attending in a Dvent a host can create a unique question that has to be completed in a Love Quest to claim Love Money for being in attendance and paying attention. AI can’t help you cheat on this q&a test.

Branded Dvents

Customize your Dvent with your branded theme that best coordinates with your Web5 gathering.

Dvent Real Estate

NFTV LNElord subscribers can fractionalize the Dvent space as 10M x 10M what3wordsblocks as a simple 3 word LNE (LUV NFT ESTATE) Tokenopoly.

Branded Discord Channel

All Dvents have a branded Discord channel once a event is announced, this allows attendees to feel the vibe of people attending by networking in advance.

With Attendees having the ability to re-sell Dvent tickets this branded channel acts as a market for a potential lifetime of secondary sales depending on the type of Dvent.

NFTV LNElord subscribers can fractionalize the event space as 10M x 10M what3wordsblocks as a LNE (LUV NFT ESTATE) Tokenopoly.

First things first:

Subscribe to NFTV Discord as a Broker [Re-Sell Dvents], Biz [Host Dvents] or LNElord [Tokenize Dvents].

- A Dvent can host a maximum of 500 people for your event. Ask about hosting a larger Dvent.

- You can have as many spaces as you would like operating simultaneously. You can interconnect Dvent spaces using ports to connect to your branded NFTV channel.

- For the best experience, ensure event participants have created their Spatial account and avatars beforehand. Keep in mind guest users won’t be able to interact with content or travel through Portals.

No matter what device users are planning to join from, follow these steps to get guests into your space:

  1. Before the event, users should visit on a computer and create a Spatial account by clicking Login in the top right corner.
  2. Prior to the event dates, send out either a private link or a public link to your guests.If you send a private link (inviting users individually by email), guests will receive an email with the link to the event space. If you send a public link, guests can click the link and join the space at any time.
  3. On the day of the event, users should click on the event link to add it to their Spatial account. Once logged in, the space will be appear in users’ ‘Spaces’ tab.
  4. For desktop browser guests, if you do not see the space in your Spatial account on the day of the event, click the link again & enter the venue.
  5. For VR headset and mobile device guests, open the Spatial app on your device. Find the event space in your Spatial account on the day of the event, and click it. Users invited via email must first click the space link, and this will add it to their Spaces on their VR or Mobile device.

Scenario 1:

Creative Owls: International Women’s Day Artist Spotlight

Gallery Party: Artist Spotlight or Collaborative Gallery

Host an opening night or an exhibit where artists and their audience can come together, connect, socialize, purchase artwork, and spread Love Money.

Here are best practices for a successful gallery Dvent:

  • Recruit: For increased visibility, recruit multiple artists you would like to work with and invite-them into branded NFTV Discord channel.You can choose to send out a publicly-accessible link, or invite contributors directly by email.
  • Design: Choose which event you’d like to have. If you want a unique space idea email
  • Create: Create your branded LUV NFTs for your event.

If you’d like to interconnect multiple spaces or galleries:

  • Create a general space with an explanation on what each gallery means to each artist, descriptions about the artists, or any other relevant information.
  • Create portals to the different galleries which allows users to jump from space to space and back to the lobby.

Scenario 2:

Branded Event

Elevate and increase visibility to your brand by creating a beautiful, personalized space in the metaverse.

  • Want a beautiful space customized to your liking? Connect with me in Discord [HAHZNFT] to brainstorm your Dvent concept.
  • Encourage guest interaction or feedback by creating a designated wall for sticky notes.
  • Promote your Dvent on social media by sharing the room link. Anyone will be able to join with just a click.

Scenario 3:

Album Launch Party or Movie Premiere

  • Build the hype by promoting your event on social media before it happens. Let guests know the event can be accessed by Web, Mobile app, or Quest app. Twitter is a great platform for easy link sharing and virality.
  • Use Screen Share to cast a movie or music video into your space. Be sure to enable audio streaming. Set your screen share resolution to your desired setting. For best visual quality, the designated screen sharer should set to 1080p/60fps. If your event is private, you can invite users by email address instead, and set the space’s settings to “You and invited users”.
  • Set your room to “Restrict others to view only” so that the screen share cannot be tampered with or use Host Tools to customize what participants can or cannot do in the space (Spatial+ feature).
  • Disruptive audience member? You can remove them from the space for a specified length of time using the Moderate Participants tool in your Host settings (Spatial+ feature). Assign additional hosts using the Set Hosts button in your Host settings, too.
  • Need to create several instances of the same space? Save your finalized space as a Template, then load the template into a new space. You can share the secondary space URL to overflow participants if you’d like. Streaming your event out of Spatial to bring the experience to an unlimited number of viewers is also a great option!

Scenario 4:

Poster Session, Expo, or Speaker Series

  • Create a segmented room with different areas, like the Isle Gallery Environment or Obsidian Gallery Environment, and allow contributors to set up their content in a designated area.
  • Give each presenter a certain block of time to create a speaking schedule.
  • Think about separating presentations in rooms by topic.
  • If people are speaking for extended lengths of time, we recommend giving them their own room to design an experience around.You can utilize Portals to easily travel to and from the different experiences.
  • You could send out a list or events map and attach links to rooms people can visit or even create designated schedules.
  • Leave time for Q+A. The space owner can enable “Allow Adding Content” in the space’s Hosts Settings, and instruct guests to add sticky notes with questions throughout the event.
  • Be cognizant of content overload. If there’s too much content in one space, performance will decrease. Split up the speakers’ areas into different spaces if you have to, and use Portals to move in between spaces.

Scenario 5:

Talkshow or Podcast

  • Arrange your speakers in a comfortable environment. Create custom furniture, wall art, and decor to set the scene.
  • For the most lifelike movements, speakers should be in headset, so that real-life movements and gestures are portrayed.
  • Keep in-Spatial extra avatars to a minimum so that no excess audio or disruptions occur. This will guarantee a great outcome on the final product.
  • Recruit a “production crew” to capture the podcast. Capture via screen recording, Loom, or stream your event live.
  • You can also designate another user on your production crew to facilitate conversations or ask questions — this could be the same user capturing the event.

Scenario 6:


  • Designate another user as the panel moderator. The moderator can then collect questions during the meeting or presentation to lead the Q/A at the end.
  • You can enable “allow adding content” , and ask guests to post questions or comments on Notes.
  • The moderator can capture the panel via live streaming through Zoom or Restream to share the panel with an audience.
  • Share a slideshow with different talking points to guide the conversation.

Scenario 7:

Clubhouse, Ticketed Events or Persistent Environment

  • Create a members-only space for your tribe.
  • You can create ticketed events and invite members to your branded space, so only select users can access your space.
  • Connect with fans and build community in a custom LUV Metaverse that reflects your identity!

Scenario 8:

Brainstorming session in Spatial

Brainstorming, Team Planning or Virtual Meetings

  • Utilize Notes to organize thoughts and feedback Change your note color in VR or on the Mobile app to sort your notes by topic.
  • Share your screen to focus on data or 2D materials throughout your meeting.
  • Utilize the shared wall to add content onto one plane.
  • You can intergrate your Google Drive or Microsoft365 accounts to instantly import files from those accounts.
  • Upload your company’s logo to brand your space.

We love learning about events happening in 5D LUV Metaverse and elevating your experience as best we can! If you have a different experience in mind or are interested in discussing your event further, don’t hesitate to reach out to with a detailed description, DM me on Linkedin or contact me on Discord [HAHZNFT] .

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