LUV NFT TV 📺 Telegram Network

  1. Smart contract deal
  2. Personalized avatar
  3. NFT merch
  4. $LUV money
  5. .LUV name
  6. Their own branded private Telegram channel we call a club, to access exclusive content that won’t be available on any other social media platform.

Creator Revenues By Source





NFT Members Only

NFT Marketing Theme

Old School vs New School Open Mic

Before the pandemic of 2020 artists attended a local open mic night to enter a chance to win money and possibly land a record deal.

  1. Bars -Lyrics only
  2. Hook- Who has the best hook game?
  3. NFT Cover Art- NFT artists have their chance to shine with the best NFT cover art.
  4. Beats by LUV NFT- Who has the best beat game?
  5. Video- Who can make the best video for the song?
  6. Meme Marketing- It’s meme time baby, who can create the most creative meme marketing?

Rock The Vote



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LUV NFT (Non-Fungible Tokenopoly) is a dCommerce marketplace on Polygon blockchain. “IN LUV WE TRUST” ✨💜