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Blockchain has changed our economy along with our entertainment outlets. Traditional TV signs entertainers to fit the mold of low vibration stereotypes associated with their culture. As a result Gen Z would rather entertain themselves on social media than traditional TV shows and movies.

Currently Web 3 has only a few crypto entertainment outlets such as podcasts and audio spaces. Our goal is to create new outlets for creators that can be monetized to create a new Web 3 income stream.

The fastest way to educate the world about our new digital economy is by infusing social media, hip hop to make trending topic content and digital currency to pay creators. As a form of NFT Marketing were signing creators that includes crypto rappers, social media influencers, brands and creators to smart contract deals to create a new crypto blueprint of income sources.

We are seeking ambassadors around the world to sign them to a:

  1. Smart contract deal
  2. Personalized avatar
  3. NFT merch
  4. $LUV money
  5. .LUV name
  6. Their own branded private Telegram channel we call a club, to access exclusive content that won’t be available on any other social media platform.

We will partner with Web 3 brands to add more prizes for weekly winners.

Before you access a private Telegram club you have to wait in our until you purchase a NFT Flyer for an event.

Creator Revenues By Source





NFT Members Only

Our LUV NFT TV Telegram network is for members only. The only way to access our private network is by buying an NFT flyer. Not only will you have access to a new level of high vibrational entertainment you will have exclusive access to become the early supporter of the next Web 2 + Web 3 trending topics.

NFT Marketing Theme

LUV NFT creates NFT contest themes that could be in partnership with any Web 3 company seeking NFT marketing that outsources and creates a source of income for participants and winners.

Whether you’re launching an NFT project or in need of an NFT campaign that reaches outside of the Web 3 bubble we can brainstorm a theme that can lead to the next social media trending topic.

Old School vs New School Open Mic

Before the pandemic of 2020 artists attended a local open mic night to enter a chance to win money and possibly land a record deal.

LUV NFT created a new American Idol-like way of finding the best talent worldwide and signing them to a smart contract deal that allows them to monetize their talent on the blockchain while retaining ownership of their content.

Weekly Rounds

LUV NFT Records contest will consist of weekly rounds:

  1. Bars -Lyrics only
  2. Hook- Who has the best hook game?
  3. NFT Cover Art- NFT artists have their chance to shine with the best NFT cover art.
  4. Beats by LUV NFT- Who has the best beat game?
  5. Video- Who can make the best video for the song?
  6. Meme Marketing- It’s meme time baby, who can create the most creative meme marketing?

Rock The Vote

Your vote counts and decides the winner of the weekly round theme. The winners win a 4% royalties smart contract deal.

NFT City Money Merch acts as blockchain proof of being the hottest in their city. Fans can purchase the winner’s NFT City Money Merch to support the creator that will be available on

The winners will also win $LUV Polygon $MATIC money that will act as a leader board to determine who is the best in their city. $LUV money will be redeemable to purchase future LUV NFT marketplace dCommerce products and services around the world.

Sign up for our first 8/1 event or purchase an NFT flyer on Follow @luvnft to win a NFT flyer.



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LUV NFT (Non-Fungible Tokenopoly) is a dCommerce marketplace on Polygon blockchain. “IN LUV WE TRUST” ✨💜